Connect With Your Clients with Hassle-Free Video Conferencing

With the advent of technology, the world has now become a global village. Over the past few decades, there has been immense improvement in the areas of internet technologies and telecommunication. All such efforts have brought us to an era where we no more need to be present in the same room to be able to see a person while we talk to them. Even though the facility of video conferencing has helped people stay in touch with their loved ones, it has been of even more use in the work place. With the advent of multinational corporations and international business, companies are no more limited by national and international boundaries anymore. The way the nature of business has changed over years, there is even more need of high quality and hassle free communication. In such a scenario efficient video conferencing helps give a personal touch and effective communication links between the people working with or for an organization.

Video Conferencing

To make it clearer, let’s throw light on what video conferencing is all about. It basically is the process of conducting a videoconference. It is carried out with the help of telecommunications technology where in people at two or more than two locations can communicate with each other by means of audio visual transmissions. It is being increasingly used in the corporate world and is categorized under groupware technologies.

The advent of high capacity broad band communications which comes at relatively low cost when coupled with powerful computing technologies has led to the development of video conferencing as we know it. Like any other long distance communication service, video conferencing also minimises the need to travel places. It has been increasingly used in numerous areas such as education, healthcare, business etc.

When an organization feels the need of video conferencing in order to make its functions even more effective, there certainly arises the need for such video conferencing services which are not only hassle free but also very efficient.

We at Polycom Video Conferencing aim to provide you just that. Being in the industry for 24 years, we have seen all kinds of changes and requirements that come from the variety of customers. This has made us more adaptable and accepting towards the different needs of our customers. We understand that depending upon the type of business a company engages in there may be variety in their requirements of video conferencing. Being one of the first players in the industry we have enjoyed the first mover advantage for over 2 decades. With the kind of growth we have undergone in terms of innovation and customer relationship management, we believe we are one of the best service providers when it comes to video conferencing.

We hold a distinct edge over our competitors, with our capability to integrate and collaborate geographically dispersed workforce with high efficiency. We are proud of the way we assist our customers in having a much better quality of communication with their distantly placed clients.

With our free video conferencing services and video conferencing software you can obtain a variety of video and voice solutions which will help you co-ordinate your people and services across the world more efficiently than ever before. Numerous public and private sectors companies have worked with us over the past 2 decades.

With our video conferencing services your firm can have a unique competitive advantage over your competitors which include reduction in time and cost. Along with this there is also a reduction in the amount of waste that would be generated in gathering people in a conventional manner whenever need arises. The resources that are saved in such a manner can be put to a much better use. The time and energy saved can be put to more beneficial organizational functions and challenges.

With our team of well trained and dedicated professionals Polycom Videoconferencing has marked its presence in almost all product categories and industries. This is proven by the numerous awards that we have been honoured to accept over the last 2 decades.

Our company consists of people who are willing to make difference with their work. Our people are excellent in handling different real life problems and creating value for our customers worldwide. With such philosophy in mind we put in our best in terms of people and technology so as to be able to contribute towards improving the quality of video conferencing and hence communication across the world.

Not only are our efforts directed towards improving the quality of communication across the world, we wish to make a difference in the environmental preservation as well. We believe that if conventional meetings, not only across national boundaries but also within them, are replaced by video conferencing a lot of quality resources can be preserved for future use. Such can be the impact of video conferencing on the world. It is imperative that the organizations existing in today’s era understand the potential benefit that the use of video conferencing can bring not only to them but also to the rest of the world.

Working with us you will not only be able to gain an edge over your competitors but will also help you contribute towards the environment. Given all these benefits it is safe to say that working with us, your business will bloom not only in the present but in years to come.